RAW Chocolate by Casey Pringle.

I have a confession… I’m a chocoholic. It’s not my fault, it’s genetic. I come from a long line of chocoholics. As a kid one of my most favourite things to do was make chocolates for family and friends and package them up as gifts for Easter, Christmas and pretty much any other time I could use as an excuse to be a “chocolatier”. 

As I got older my palate became more refined and I searched for better quality chocolate, darker chocolate, more chocolatey chocolate. In my early 20s I began to consider myself a chocolate “connoisseur”. I knew all of the chocolateries in Melbourne and which ones were the best, I even moved within walking distance of my favourite one. I made my family and friends forever hungry with constant talk of chocolate and why certain brands were better than others. 

Fast forward a decade… I was pregnant and after 3 months of morning sickness, during which all I could eat was white, starchy food, I was craving nutrients. I began eating superfoods, loads of veggies and just basically anything that made my body feel great. When I discovered raw chocolate it was like I’d been reborn. Where had this been all my life? Chocolate I could feel good about eating, that was actually nourishing my body and it was delicious. I was eating a LOT of it, then I started making my own, suited to my palate, with only the ingredients I loved. Then it started to go missing. I discovered my savoury tooth husband had become a chocolate lover overnight. So I started making more. Then I shared it with the beautiful women in my Mother’s Group. They were all having foodgasms over my chocolate. To be honest I was a little surprised. I knew that the chocolate was the best I’d ever tasted, but I thought that was just because I’d made it according to my palate. Watching other people enjoy it just as much as I did was so exciting. Ever the supportive bunch of ladies, my Mother’s Group convinced me to hold an Easter chocolate stall at the local Farmers’ Market in Kyneton. I was nervous, but decided to give it a try. I sold out in a couple of hours. And just like that, RAW Chocolate was born. 

I owe so much to my family, friends and the people in my community, both online and in the Macedon Ranges. They’ve all been incredibly supportive and helped me to transform RAW Chocolate from little Easter eggs sold at the local Farmers’ Market to the beautiful packaged bars you can see on my website and in stores today.